A Light in the Flame: A Flesh and Fire Novel

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A Light in the Flame: A Flesh and Fire Novel

A Light in the Flame: A Flesh and Fire Novel

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It’s interesting how things seem so easy between the two of them, but at the same time, so difficult. Sera falls asleep again, and wakes up to Nyktos staring at her, but then realizes that he brought up food for two, keeping his promise to her. I especially found Poppy’s realizations that forgiveness is easy but acceptance is hard because it means that you’ve come to understand the other person’s actions to be very deep, and there’s a level of maturity that we see from the characters through the pages of these stories. Nyktos finds her getting swallowed by roots and tells her to breathe, but it doesn’t stop her, so he finally compells her to sleep. So much happens in this book and yet we are not really close to the figure out why the gods/primals all went to sleep and how Sera ascended.

Ash tries to get the Dakkais to him, but the whole place is swarmed with the Cimmerian and the Dakkais. The following day, Nyktos rides with Sera to the entrance to the Vale, and lets her enter with Nektas.Bele blames herself, but then Sera says it’s her fault for Ascending her, which results in more question on how the god knew what Sera looked like.

Nyktos asks why he whipped her that time, and she tells him that Tavius just hated her, and he was a person who likes to dominate others so when he can’t do it, it makes him more determined. She also realizes that Nyktos will not let her leave or let her get out of his sight, so she does the one thing she’d never done before–runs. She finally snaps that she never really had the opportunity to develop those instincts because of how she was raised, and Nyktos stills. Then a different voice–Sotoria’s voice–starts screaming and then as Sera speaks, it’s Sotoria who says that he’s killing her again after all of these years. Ultimately, Nektas points out that it would have had to be a Primal that was behind the attack, as no other could command a draken to attack, while wondering who would be willing to anger both Nyktos and Kolis by allowing Sera to die.As their time to find a way to remove the embers and save Sera is counted, they also need to navigate the politics of gods and primals, hide Sera’s ability from everyone, especially Kolis, and try to clear all the miscommunication between them too while they’re at it. They continue arguing, and Nyktos reveals that Hate and love are not two sides of the same coin–love comes from the soul, and hate is the product of the mind due to atrocities committed by others or by themselves. You know deep down he would never do anything like that since all you see from him after that scene is how sorry he is and how horrible he feels. Her reaction almost causes the entire building to collapse and forces Ash to protect her since she was entering stasis and that would kill her as she is still a mortal.

He tells her the full prophecy, believing that some of it has to do with his sister in law, and with Sera.I had different expectations to how Sera and Nyktos's relationship would develop in the sequel but I was hoping the miscommunication between them wouldn't have been as present and that what mainly bothered me.

Jennifer gives Poppy, Casteel, Seraphena and Nyktos so much depth with their emotions, their lived stories and especially with their trauma–but she also brings a lot of wisdom within these pages. If you have read all the FBAA books then you know they get their HEA (kind of, in terms of love) so you know that no matter what happens in these books that they will be in love and have children. She does speak her mind with her own threat when Attes refers to her as an accessory, but then he asks Nyktos if Veses has seen her, to which Nyktos responds no. There’s no better time to cozy up with swoony romance books than now, and with the holidays coming, it’s the perfect time to also gift romance to the hopeless romantic in your life. Kolis admits that he was waiting for her to reach the point of power were the rest of the prophecy to take place–resulting in a Primal of Life and Death.Sera and Saion talk and he asks her about her attempt to escape to kill Kolis, but she doesn’t reveal more than asking him if Nyktos would make something like that up. They go back and forth on the matter, and Sera wants to know what would happen if things go south, to which the two men explain that Cimmerian are gods that use eather to feed their abilities in the sense that they pull strength from eather, and it amplifies their abilities or makes them stronger. Sera is shocked to find out that she is Sotoria, the mortal at the center of Kolis’ obsession that started all of this, and tries to come to terms with it.

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